Meet the gym that meets you where you’re at.

Even if you’re shy, overweight, pain intolerant, wear sparkly workout clothes, love pizza, hate the gym or are unsure where to start…

You Belong At Vagus.

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"The people at Vagus are wonderful, friendly and supportive - not just your own trainer, but all the others as well. Everyone is trained, knowledgable and knows what they're doing."

- Susan, Vagus member since 2016.


We do things a little differently—and a whole lot better

Tired of crowded, impersonal gyms and trying to figure fitness out on your own?

Our private and semi-private personal training is perfect if you want...


✅  Effective workouts built for your goals and ability

✅ A custom built strength and mobility program

✅  Convenient, flexible sessions that fit your schedule

✅  A safe and stress-free environment

❌  No long-term contracts or hidden fees

❌  No CrossFit or dangerous movements

❌  No waiting for equipment or fighting for space

❌  Absolutely no judgement or pressure



Meet our trainers

You'll be matched with a trainer who fits your style and specializes in supporting people just like you. All personal trainers carry kinesiology degrees or similar educations.


Nervous about who your trainer might be? Come in for an assessment and meet the team! We're here to make sure you find the right fit.


Our clients reach their goals more quickly, safely and sustainably than trying to do it alone.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength, feel better or just live well, we'll give you the support you need to get lasting results.

Vagus Fitness Calgary Personal Training | Mylthie picture

"Each trainer I've worked with is caring and supportive. I am doing group training now, everything is still very personalized and I love that they focus on the clients' goals."

- Mylthie, Vagus member since 2015.


Discover Why Vagus For Yourself. 

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