Vicki C

Most recently I was diagnosed with a torn peroneus brevis tendon in my ankle and was informed I would require necessary surgery.

I was told by my surgeon during my initial diagnosis that I would have to stop working out for a few months and that I would be required to wear a brace until my surgery, so that I would not force a rupture if I were to accidentally twist my ankle.

Not only did this add to my worry, but the idea of not being able to work out for my mental health was a bit of a setback as well.

Let’s just say that I needed the gym now more than ever, I just didn’t know at the time it would end up being the best decision I would make for myself.

The best thing about my journey at Vagus is that I have not had to do it alone! My trainer Jeff has been amazing at helping me (both physically and mentally) to work around my injury.

He provided me with a well-rounded program that focused on improving my balance and building muscle that would assist in an easier and faster recovery after surgery.  

When I returned to my surgeon 8 months later, one CTscan and one MRI later, I learned that I no longer required the “Inevitable” surgery!


It may not be fast or easy, but know that your body can do it and it is your mind you have to convince.

Whether you are shy, overweight, scared, love pizza, hate to sweat, like beer or are pain intolerant, take that first step and go to Vagus to see for yourself what it is all about.

This is not your normal gym.  Know that it is ok to whine, to not wear sparkly workout wear, to go home after and have a nap.

Know that they are there for you and everyone in the same boat is silently cheering you on!

Know that you can do it and that I will personally vouch for the friendly people, exceptional knowledge and warm environment! 

-Member since 2015