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Life’s not slowing down. Neither should you.

From hiking through the Rockies to keeping up with your grandkids—gain the strength, energy and mobility to fully enjoy life’s adventures.

 It’s personal training that’s actually personal.


At Vagus, you’ll find people like you, with bodies like yours & goals you can relate to.

Vagus Fitness Personal Training Calgary | Cathy

Cathy wants to lose 60 lbs. Mable wants more stability, strength & balance. They both belong at Vagus.

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Fitness tailored to you. Progress at your pace.

Losing weight, building strength and maintaining health are all different after 50, so our training is, too!

You don't have to worry about aggravating old injuries or sessions that are beyond your ability.

We'll give you a perfect mix of challenge and fun that gets results, like... 


✅  Improve core strength and overall body strength

✅  Improve flexibility and mobility, and move with more freedom

✅  Lose body fat and inches off your waste

✅  Improve bone density and joint health

✅  Increase energy and stamina

✅  Build healthy routines with the support and accountability of a personal trainer


Feel better than you have in years, all with only 2-3 sessions per week!


Get a gym experience that fits you.

We offer 1-on-1 personal training or semi-private personal training.  

All programs include: a dedicated trainer, custom built strength program, and 2 - 3 sessions per week.

Sessions are conveniently scheduled to fit your calendar; no drop-ins.

6 Week Program

Our basic program.

Get to know your personal trainer and set a fitness goal. You'll kick off with exercises and diet guidance that will help you start seeing results.


9 Week Program

Our intermediate program.

Build on your progress and start mastering your movements. Enjoy noticeably improved strength, balance, and flexibility in your everyday life.

12 Week Program

Our most popular program.

Transform your new routines into long-term habits, and look and feel better than ever.

If you want lasting change with real accountability—this is the plan for you.



Come in for your free assessment, meet our team and discover what makes us different for yourself. 

Vagus Fitness Calgary Personal Training | Loranie picture

At Vagus , I never feel uncomfortable. I never feel unwelcome. I never feel like people are thinking anything negative about me. It's easy - and it's a lot of fun

- Loraine Vagus member since 2015.


Take the first step towards results

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