Mable S

1.     What were the problems you were experiencing before attending Vagus Fitness?

  • Lack of balance/stability
  • No strength
  • Painful knees (arthritis) and hips
  • Flat feet
  • Unable to walk much (painful ankles, knees and hips)


2.     Had they previously tried anything to solve your problems? (if so, what?)

Orthotics and custom shoes – only helped for a brief period of time which led to having to buy more orthotics and shoes. If I didn’t get the purchase made fast enough (because of the wear on the orthotics and shoes) there was increased pain.


3.     What results have you seen since attending Vagus Fitness?

  • Increased strength
  • Walking has improved greatly
  • Stability and balance improved
  • Pain in knees gone
  • Confidence in walking


4.     What was the best thing about it?

Confidence in my ability to function


5.     What are three other benefits that you have enjoyed as a result of personal training?

I can deadlift 115 lbs. – which never in my life had I considered I’d be able to accomplish and I make sure I tell everyone

I can move and lift, into and out of my car, all four of my summer/winter tires on rims. I don’t need to phone a kid or a friend any more

I can make it all the way around Chinook Mall, 2 floors, and then some which I have not been able to do in years

I have met many new friends at Vagus Fitness, trainers and clients. It’s a very enjoyable, relaxed environment – everybody knows your name


6.     What would you say to anyone considering making a purchase like this and would you recommend it and if so, why?

I’d say, “do it”, you will not regret it and it’s good for you


-Member since 2015