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Coping with arthritis, sore & achy joints, back pain or other bone & joint issues?

Our highly experienced team will build you a program that can help.

Get back on track with Vagus.


Our Personal Trainers Are Experienced, Educated, & Know How To Guide Even The Most Complicated Cases

At Vagus, you'll learn safe, progressive movements that can help with arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain, hip replacements & more.

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"I hadn’t tied her shoes since she was 20. Now I'm gardening, walking and enjoying an active lifestyle.

- Gisele, Vagus member since 2016.


When your condition tries to keep you down, Vagus is here to pick you back up.



✅  Custom workout plans to get you back to the activities you love

✅  Mobility drills to improve range of motion and joint function

✅  Strength training to increase strength & muscle tone

✅  Training to improve balance and co-ordination

✅  Exercises to help speed recovery after surgery

✅  A team of experts dedicated to your success


2–3 sessions per week will help you feel like yourself again.


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“I returned to my surgeon 8 months after starting with Vagus. One CT scan and one MRI later, I learned that I no longer required the ‘inevitable’ surgery!”

- Vicki, Vagus member since 2017.


Work with a trainer who understands you condition and knows how to help.

Vagus offers 1-on-1 personal training with a dedicated trainer or semi-private sessions for up to five people.

All programs include: a dedicated trainer, custom strength program, and 2 - 3 sessions per week.

Sessions are conveniently scheduled to fit your calendar; no drop-ins.


6 Week Program

Our basic program.

Get to know your personal trainer, discuss your needs, and work out a fitness goal. Meal plans and regular exercise will help strengthen your body, improve flexibility & burn fat.



9 Week Program

Our intermediate program.

You'll notice real change in your body as your workout routine evolves. Exercises become easier and your movements more fluid and you'll gain energy, flexibility & strength.


12 Week Program

Our most popular program.

Daily life gets easier as you build muscle, strengthen your body, and turn good habits into routines.

For long term improvements and maximum accountability, this is the program for you.


Not sure if Vagus is a perfect fit? Come in for a free assessment & learn how we can help you.

No contracts. No obligation.


Contact us today to save $100 on your program & to learn how we can help you meet your goals.

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