Gisele K

Q: What is the single biggest accomplishment since you began strength training?

A: I tied my shoe for the first time in 36 years! Seriously. Before starting with Vagus Fitness, I was too stiff to tie my shoe. After a few weeks of training, I tied my shoe for the first time in 36 years (thanks Leslie!)! 

Q: What else have you achieved since starting at Vagus Fitness?

A: First and foremost…I like exercise! I could not have been convinced that I would ever speak those words. Seemed boring and time-wasting. Never understood the appeal. I am motivated to exercise at home and improve my quality of life now. I look forward to my sessions and performing the exercises at home.

Q: Before you started training with Leslie, what kind of activity were you doing?

A: Basically, a lifetime of little to no formal exercise with significant mobility issues (I couldn't tie my shoe). I really thought I was a lost cause, destined to a life of stiffness and immobility. Leslie encouraged me to trust her and stick to the basics, that eventually the strength and movement will happen. And, it definitely has!

Q: What were you nervous about when you first contacted Vagus Fitness?

A: There were a few things I was nervous about. Firstly, I was afraid that I would be unable to accomplish many of the activities/exercises. Secondly, I was nervous about injuring my hip and neck, which have been problem areas for me. Thirdly, I was afraid I wouldn't connect with my trainer (everyone is so friendly!). Lastly, I was afraid of SWEATING! 

Q: So, what's next on your goal list?

A: I'm still working on gaining strength, improving my range of motion, and establishing proper form and movement and maintain them in activities of daily living.

Q: What do you thing the biggest factors are to your success?

A: My trainer Leslie, is a great fit for me! Also, setting specific goals to strengthen all areas of the body (didn’t think if would be possible with my limited mobility) and it is so fun…can’t believe I said that.

Q: How is personal training made a difference in your regular life?

A: I am so much more aware of how I move, working really hard to correct 54 years of poor form and compensating for limited mobility on my right lower body. Leslie is helping me fix all of it. ;)

Q: Are you happy with your experience thus far?

A: Absolutely – professional, knowledgeable, motivated staff, and a lovely clean facility.

Q: What can we do better?

A: Open a wine bar with chocolate nibbles...

-Member since 2015