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Tired of typical gym experiences? Don't sweat it.

Trying to lose weight, build muscle or improve your overall health? We'll build you a program that works.

We've helped people of all ages, shapes and sizes get lasting results more quickly than they could alone.

You’ll always be welcome at Vagus.


Get the results you crave, the challenge you need and the fun you’ve been missing.

Vagus Fitness Personal Training Calgary | mark picture
Vagus Fitness Personal Training Calgary | Renada

Mark wants to gain muscle. Renada wants the energy to keep up with her kids. They both belong at Vagus.


The results you want, without the awkward stuff you don't.

You won't have to put up with overcrowded gyms, or too-intense trainers ever again.

Whether you want to increase your core strength, gain muscle, lose weight, boost your confidence, run 10 km without stopping, or finally do a chin-up, our trainers will help you progress at your pace.


✅  Lose an inch or more off your waist in just 6 weeks (and keep it off!)

✅  Gain noticeable muscle and tone in your arms, legs, chest, back and core

✅  Master meal planning with a diet tailored to your everyday life

✅  Sleep easier and wake up full of energy (even if you have kids!)

✅  Learn practical, effective workouts you can do anywhere, any time

✅  Build healthy routines with the support and accountability of a personal trainer


Look and feel your best, all with only 2-3 sessions per week!




Find your perfect fit at Vagus

 Vagus offers 1-on-1 personal training sessions or semi-private personal training for up to 5 people.

All programs include: a dedicated trainer, nutrition plan, and 2 - 3 sessions per week.

Sessions are conveniently scheduled to fit your calendar; no drop-ins.

Vagus Fitness Personal Training Calgary

6 Week Program

Our basic program.

You'll meet your personal trainer and set a fitness goal. Simple exercise and diet advice will help you see some early body composition improvements.


Vagus Fitness Personal Training Calgary Program

9 Week Program

Our intermediate program.

Gain more mastery over your movements and improve upon your 6 Week Program. Start enjoying real muscle gain and weight loss.


12 Week Program

Our most popular program—the ultimate in accountability.

Start reaching your goals, turning good habits into routines, and seeing significant muscle gain and weight loss.

Craving lasting results? This is the plan for you.


We're here to help you reach your goals, not push a membership.

You NEVER have to sign a contract and you don't have to choose your program yet.

First, come in for a free assessment, meet our trainers, and discover why Vagus is the perfect fit for you.

Vagus Fitness Calgary Personal Training | Gisele picture

Wether you are shy, overweight, scared, love pizza, hate to sweat, like beer or are pain intolerant, take that first step and go to Vagus to see for yourself what it is all about. This is not your normal gym.

-Gisele Vagus member since 2015


No contracts, free assessment, and first time members save $100.

Contact us today for a free assessment.

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