Life’s not slowing down. Neither should you.


Gain the strength, energy and mobility to fully enjoy life’s adventures.

At Vagus, you'll get the results you want, with the accountability you need, and a personal training experience unlike anywhere else in Calgary.


Fitness tailored to you. Progress at your pace.

Our program is built specifically for 50+ and those with bone and joint worrying about aggravating old injuries or too-intense sessions you won't enjoy.

We'll give you a perfect mix of challenge and fun that gets results, like... 

✅  Losing as much as two inches off your waist in the first 6 weeks

✅  Gain muscle and build strength with a custom built program

✅  Improve flexibility and mobility, and move with more freedom

✅  Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and regulate your blood pressure

✅  Increase energy and stamina

✅  Build healthy routines with the support and accountability of a personal trainer

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Joanna is stronger, more mobile and has more energy then ever before. At 2X/week, the committment isn't huge, but the results speak for themselves. 

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Elaine strength trains 2X/week to strengthen her joints, maintain muscle mass and stay strong during the golf season.

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Shirley is 84 years old and has 26 grandkids. Strength training has kept her strong and mobile to keep up with her family.


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Complimentary Assessment + 2 Personal Training Sessions + $100 Toward Any 6, 9 or 12 Week Program ($300 Value)

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