Doug S

Doug is a father, husband and successful business owner. He trains 3X/week 1-on-1 with Connor in the early afternoons. He started with Vagus Fitness in December 2016. He wanted to gain strength & mobility in his ankle as well as live a strong, healthy lifestyle. 

1.     What were the problems were you experiencing before attending Vagus Fitness?

I was recovering from an ankle injury and was struggling with strength and mobility in my ankle.  Over the course of a couple months, the ankle was feeling BETTER than it was before the injury and the range of motion was greatly improved.

2.     What is the best thing about Vagus Fitness?

For me, the best thing is the one-on-one training. To have someone watching and making sure form is correct and the program is balanced is the real benefit.

3.     What would you say to anyone considering making a purchase like this and would they recommend it? If so, why?

If you are looking at working with people who know what they’re talking about and care if you make progress, then Vagus is a definitely the place for you. 

Renada O

Renada is a young mom of 2 busy boys and trains 1x/week.


What makes Renada incredible is there was a time when she could not get up out of bed to take care of her kids.


Renada has Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Now she is able to deadlift, bench press, run again and keep up with her kids and life. Strength training has not only increased her mobility but it has also given her the confidence to try new things!

-Member since 2015

Vicki C

Most recently I was diagnosed with a torn peroneus brevis tendon in my ankle and was informed I would require necessary surgery.

I was told by my surgeon during my initial diagnosis that I would have to stop working out for a few months and that I would be required to wear a brace until my surgery, so that I would not force a rupture if I were to accidentally twist my ankle.

Not only did this add to my worry, but the idea of not being able to work out for my mental health was a bit of a setback as well.

Let’s just say that I needed the gym now more than ever, I just didn’t know at the time it would end up being the best decision I would make for myself.

The best thing about my journey at Vagus is that I have not had to do it alone! My trainer Jeff has been amazing at helping me (both physically and mentally) to work around my injury.

He provided me with a well-rounded program that focused on improving my balance and building muscle that would assist in an easier and faster recovery after surgery.  

When I returned to my surgeon 8 months later, one CTscan and one MRI later, I learned that I no longer required the “Inevitable” surgery!


It may not be fast or easy, but know that your body can do it and it is your mind you have to convince.

Whether you are shy, overweight, scared, love pizza, hate to sweat, like beer or are pain intolerant, take that first step and go to Vagus to see for yourself what it is all about.

This is not your normal gym.  Know that it is ok to whine, to not wear sparkly workout wear, to go home after and have a nap.

Know that they are there for you and everyone in the same boat is silently cheering you on!

Know that you can do it and that I will personally vouch for the friendly people, exceptional knowledge and warm environment! 

-Member since 2015

Mark H

Mark started training at Vagus fitness to try to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle as he progress into his late 40's. His goal was to set an example for his wife and kids and maintain a healthy and capable body.

Mark constantly completes a structured strength training program at Vagus 3 days a week. He now looks and feels great and has put on 5lbs of muscle. 

-Member since 2015

Gisele K

Q: What is the single biggest accomplishment since you began strength training?

A: I tied my shoe for the first time in 36 years! Seriously. Before starting with Vagus Fitness, I was too stiff to tie my shoe. After a few weeks of training, I tied my shoe for the first time in 36 years (thanks Leslie!)! 

Q: What else have you achieved since starting at Vagus Fitness?

A: First and foremost…I like exercise! I could not have been convinced that I would ever speak those words. Seemed boring and time-wasting. Never understood the appeal. I am motivated to exercise at home and improve my quality of life now. I look forward to my sessions and performing the exercises at home.

Q: Before you started training with Leslie, what kind of activity were you doing?

A: Basically, a lifetime of little to no formal exercise with significant mobility issues (I couldn't tie my shoe). I really thought I was a lost cause, destined to a life of stiffness and immobility. Leslie encouraged me to trust her and stick to the basics, that eventually the strength and movement will happen. And, it definitely has!

Q: What were you nervous about when you first contacted Vagus Fitness?

A: There were a few things I was nervous about. Firstly, I was afraid that I would be unable to accomplish many of the activities/exercises. Secondly, I was nervous about injuring my hip and neck, which have been problem areas for me. Thirdly, I was afraid I wouldn't connect with my trainer (everyone is so friendly!). Lastly, I was afraid of SWEATING! 

Q: So, what's next on your goal list?

A: I'm still working on gaining strength, improving my range of motion, and establishing proper form and movement and maintain them in activities of daily living.

Q: What do you thing the biggest factors are to your success?

A: My trainer Leslie, is a great fit for me! Also, setting specific goals to strengthen all areas of the body (didn’t think if would be possible with my limited mobility) and it is so fun…can’t believe I said that.

Q: How is personal training made a difference in your regular life?

A: I am so much more aware of how I move, working really hard to correct 54 years of poor form and compensating for limited mobility on my right lower body. Leslie is helping me fix all of it. ;)

Q: Are you happy with your experience thus far?

A: Absolutely – professional, knowledgeable, motivated staff, and a lovely clean facility.

Q: What can we do better?

A: Open a wine bar with chocolate nibbles...

-Member since 2015

Mable S

1.     What were the problems you were experiencing before attending Vagus Fitness?

  • Lack of balance/stability
  • No strength
  • Painful knees (arthritis) and hips
  • Flat feet
  • Unable to walk much (painful ankles, knees and hips)


2.     Had they previously tried anything to solve your problems? (if so, what?)

Orthotics and custom shoes – only helped for a brief period of time which led to having to buy more orthotics and shoes. If I didn’t get the purchase made fast enough (because of the wear on the orthotics and shoes) there was increased pain.


3.     What results have you seen since attending Vagus Fitness?

  • Increased strength
  • Walking has improved greatly
  • Stability and balance improved
  • Pain in knees gone
  • Confidence in walking


4.     What was the best thing about it?

Confidence in my ability to function


5.     What are three other benefits that you have enjoyed as a result of personal training?

I can deadlift 115 lbs. – which never in my life had I considered I’d be able to accomplish and I make sure I tell everyone

I can move and lift, into and out of my car, all four of my summer/winter tires on rims. I don’t need to phone a kid or a friend any more

I can make it all the way around Chinook Mall, 2 floors, and then some which I have not been able to do in years

I have met many new friends at Vagus Fitness, trainers and clients. It’s a very enjoyable, relaxed environment – everybody knows your name


6.     What would you say to anyone considering making a purchase like this and would you recommend it and if so, why?

I’d say, “do it”, you will not regret it and it’s good for you


-Member since 2015

Cathy T

Cathy came to me around 16 months ago, pretty much at the end of her ropes. She said she had lost all hope and basically this was her last hope to make a serious change to her life.


Her primary goal was to lose 100lbs in 12 months. Being in her mid 50's and unable to move through a full range of motion, both of us knew this would be difficult. I explained to her that above all else, my first objective would be to improve her quality of movement. After all, it's very difficult to get the most out of strength training when range of motion is limited - the costs outweigh the benefits.

I also explained to her that while we focused on quality over quantity in the gym, much the progress toward her weight-loss goal would made through nutrition.

Lastly I explained that instead of focusing on an arbitrary number on the bathroom scale, we should focus instead on incremental changes to overall body-composition - and let objective measurements like clothing sizes determine whether or not we're on the right track.


She agreed, and so her journey began!


Fast-forwarding 12 months;


First and foremost, Cathy has improved her quality of movement to a point beyond I had ever hoped. Although she still has some structural impingement in her hip, she is still able to perform most exercises through a drastically improved range of motion.


Her ability to do this has opened more doors for her to perform the 'bang for your buck' exercises while in the gym and even more importantly, has helped her keep up with her young grandchildren outside of the gym!


Cathy has lost a total of around 40lbs as we continue to make adjustments to her training and nutrition which fit her lifestyle. The most important aspect of her weight-loss is the fact that it's been very incremental & sustainable.


Her nutrition has become very much a way of life rather than a crash diet, and she now has the toolset to take control over the long run - never feeling guilty about enjoying the food she eats.


I'm proud of what Cathy has achieved both inside and outside of the gym, and we both look forward to the continued journey of her self-improvement!


-Member since 2015

Chris M

In July of 2015, Chris was diagnosed with Idiopathic Transverse Myelitis. Paralysed on the ENTIRE right side of his body, Chris is the most inspirational client we've ever worked with. 


He's turned his nose up at every doctor that told him he'd never be able to walk unassisted, never be able to race paddle boards again and most importantly, probably never be able to raise his two little girls like a 'normal' dad would.


He's never said "I can't." He's never missed a workout. He's never let short term failures stop him from chasing his ultimate goal. 


With Jeff Muir as Chris' coach, he can now run, jump, squat, dead lift, do chin ups, and every other physical task that's been put in front him in the gym - culminating in recent weeks with some extremely difficult exercises that demands incredible proprioceptive control, balance, and strength - even for someone who has never been paralysed. 


Below are a few of Chris' MANY detailed Instagram posts documenting his Journey to recovery. 


Follow Chris @acceptnolimit - you won't be disappointed you did!


-Member since 2015

Lori S

Lori has been training with Vagus Fitness since October of 2015 (1.5 years). Recovering from the successful treatment of a brain tumor, Lori see's strength training as part of the recovery process!

She trains with Mike 1-on-1, with a focus on developing strength and improving muscle tone. It's incredible to watch Lori's improvements physically!


-Member since 2015

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