Chris M

In July of 2015, Chris was diagnosed with Idiopathic Transverse Myelitis. Paralysed on the ENTIRE right side of his body, Chris is the most inspirational client we've ever worked with. 


He's turned his nose up at every doctor that told him he'd never be able to walk unassisted, never be able to race paddle boards again and most importantly, probably never be able to raise his two little girls like a 'normal' dad would.


He's never said "I can't." He's never missed a workout. He's never let short term failures stop him from chasing his ultimate goal. 


With Jeff Muir as Chris' coach, he can now run, jump, squat, dead lift, do chin ups, and every other physical task that's been put in front him in the gym - culminating in recent weeks with some extremely difficult exercises that demands incredible proprioceptive control, balance, and strength - even for someone who has never been paralysed. 


Below are a few of Chris' MANY detailed Instagram posts documenting his Journey to recovery. 


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