Cathy T

Cathy came to me around 16 months ago, pretty much at the end of her ropes. She said she had lost all hope and basically this was her last hope to make a serious change to her life.


Her primary goal was to lose 100lbs in 12 months. Being in her mid 50's and unable to move through a full range of motion, both of us knew this would be difficult. I explained to her that above all else, my first objective would be to improve her quality of movement. After all, it's very difficult to get the most out of strength training when range of motion is limited - the costs outweigh the benefits.

I also explained to her that while we focused on quality over quantity in the gym, much the progress toward her weight-loss goal would made through nutrition.

Lastly I explained that instead of focusing on an arbitrary number on the bathroom scale, we should focus instead on incremental changes to overall body-composition - and let objective measurements like clothing sizes determine whether or not we're on the right track.


She agreed, and so her journey began!


Fast-forwarding 12 months;


First and foremost, Cathy has improved her quality of movement to a point beyond I had ever hoped. Although she still has some structural impingement in her hip, she is still able to perform most exercises through a drastically improved range of motion.


Her ability to do this has opened more doors for her to perform the 'bang for your buck' exercises while in the gym and even more importantly, has helped her keep up with her young grandchildren outside of the gym!


Cathy has lost a total of around 40lbs as we continue to make adjustments to her training and nutrition which fit her lifestyle. The most important aspect of her weight-loss is the fact that it's been very incremental & sustainable.


Her nutrition has become very much a way of life rather than a crash diet, and she now has the toolset to take control over the long run - never feeling guilty about enjoying the food she eats.


I'm proud of what Cathy has achieved both inside and outside of the gym, and we both look forward to the continued journey of her self-improvement!


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