Why it is NEVER too late to start Strength Training - Agnes’ story

We all begin our strength training journey somewhere

Some of us have been active our entire life and just need a little guidance on how to achieve our goals more efficiently. Some of us have never maintained a consistent physical activity level and just need a kick in the butt. Some of us may have a disease that specifically prescribes muscle building, for example; osteoporosis.

When Agnes became my client, the first thing we did was sit down and talk about her, and her specific goals. I wanted to understand what she pictured her success looking like, so that I could help her create realistic goals with a program that guided her to achieve them in the most efficient and realistic way possible.

Agnes was diagnosed with Osteoporosis a few years back

She has made it a goal to not let this disease affect her quality of life. I knew this was a goal that I was going to focus on until it was achieved as well.

The first step was ensuring that Agnes could do all the fundamental movements with proper form. From there it was about progressively overloading her body while she did these movements (slowly increasing weights to her program) to achieve maximal muscle growth.

For the past year and a few months, Agnes has been on a 4 day/week training program. She does a 3-day home program and each Saturday will train at Vagus once a week. This was a great option as she could do her own program in the comfort of her own home and have one day of the week where she could come in, ask any questions, get a workout in and we could analyze her weekly progress.

It sure doesn’t take a detective to see the muscle Agnes has built and the clear progression in her overall mobility.

Her determination and hard work has got her to achieve amazing accomplishments since starting at Vagus Fitness. She has kept determined and patient with this process and overcome many milestones that she never thought she could do.

When I think back to our first few sessions over a year ago, compared to our last few sessions, it is incredible to realize the change she has come through.

In fact, she has gotten 5-8X stronger in certain movements!

Just to add, Agnes also is doing every exercise with exceptional form and incredible range of motion.

Below are a few comparative graphs showing just how much stronger she has gotten:

Deadlift (Hip & Back Strength)

Write here…

Squat (Thigh & Glute Strength)

Shoulder Press (Upper Body Strength)

I remember the first time Agnes came into our initial training session

She was a little intimidated, quite cautious, very nervous and extremely unaware of her potential. It only took a few training sessions for her to build that comfort with strength training and see her potential to achieve her wildest goals.

Look at her now!

Don’t let that scared little voice stop you from possibly making a choice to better yourself. We all start from somewhere, but that is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something to embrace.

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Written by Shantelle Jonassen. Shantelle is a strength coach at Vagus Fitness, specializing in strength training for 50+. She loves working with clients who are new to strength training, and supporting them on there journey to more strength, mobility, and better health! Contact Shantelle at shantelle@vagusfitness.com.

Kyle Mahadeo