Why Shantelle Loves Working At Vagus Fitness

Here's Why Shantelle Loves Working At Vagus Fitness

Shantelle excels at supporting those who are new to strength training 💪 and making them feel comfortable doing an activity that can often times be very intimidating.

She loves working at Vagus Fitness because:
✅The clients feel supported by all the staff
✅The programs are custom built for the clients goals
✅The environment is friendly
✅The staff care about each other and love working together
✅The clients support and care about each other

What inspires Shantelle, is seeing her clients progress. Simple things like:

  • A client who couldn't squat on their own, can now do multiple squats with weight.
  • Someone who couldn't pick something up off the ground without pain are now doing deadlifts.
  • And much, much more!

It's thanks to unbelievable trainers like Shantelle that makes Vagus Fitness a truly unique place in Calgary for 50+ and those with Bone & Joint Issues to make positive changes to their life.

If you are nervous about signing-up for a strength program, we understand! Sign-up to get a complimentary assessment & $100 FREE through the link below, and discover why thousands of clients have chosen Vagus Fitness to begin their fitness journey...

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