How to strengthen your core the right way


Core. It is a common buzzword in the fitness industry. But what is it really?

A lot of people, when they think of core, they think of six pack abs, ripped obliques, and a flat stomach.

A lot of clients that walk in our doors have the goal of increasing core strength. 

But what is core really?

At Vagus Fitness, our definition of core is different than your typical fitness magazine that you pull off the shelves of a grocery store. When talking about core, we aren't talking about your abs, but rather the deep muscles that surround your spine and hips. 

These muscles are essential for carrying out all of your day-to-day activities. Like lifting a bag of groceries, shovelling snow, golfing, swimming, walking and your posture.

Evidence has shown that sit-ups are not the most effective way to build core strength. If done properly, the most successful core exercises happen in every movement such as squats, deadlifts, pushes and pulls. Learning to engage your core through these exercises is more beneficial than engaging it through a few sets and reps of crunches. When programming our clients, we make sure to first teach how to properly activate your core so that you get proper core engagement throughout your entire workout, not just a core specific exercise.

Watch the video below for exercises that teach you how to engage your core.

At Vagus Fitness, we take a simple, but effective approach to exercise. Many of our clients walk through our doors completely new to strength training, but leave as seasoned lifters who understand the fundamentals of resistance training.


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