Rita - I finally have the energy to enjoy my hobbies

Rita is a mom, wife and high school teacher. She started 6 months ago, training 2X/week in Vagus' 1-on-1 Personal Training program. She is continuously making some impressive progress with both her strength and mobility. Read more about her experience below!

"My experience at Vagus Fitness has been, and will continue to be one of the best positive changes that I have made in my life!

Before coming to Vagus, I reached a point where I had no energy to enjoy my hobbies at the end of a work day. My strength was also an issue, and I lacked the motivation to do anything. 

I knew I needed to make a change, and decided to do an assessment at Vagus Fitness. I was hooked the moment I walked in the door. The smiling faces of the clients and trainers gave me instant comfort knowing that I had come to the right place. Since then, I have never looked back.

With scheduled training sessions, consistency, and the undivided attention and encouragement of my trainer, I see and feel the changes within myself every day! 

My strength has improved in ways I never thought possible and my energy levels are through the roof.

Vagus allows me to give myself a gift of time where I can feel good about myself.  

After being at Vagus for over 6 months, I  can see the results play out in other areas of my life that I never expected when I first started.

If you want to add strength training to your routine, Vagus is the place for you."


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