Life of Jharna - How a nurse got rid of back pain and feels great about how her clothes fit.

1. What were some of the problems you were experiencing before attending Vagus Fitness?

I was facing a major lack of motivation to exercise. Adding to that, I was not able to find a trainer who had knowledge on proper human body kinetics. The trainers I interviewed before finding Vagus, I found lacked focus on clients needs and long term goals.  I also found that the programs being offered, like boot camp or dance, just weren't customized to solve the issues I was dealing with.


2. Had you previously tried anything else to solve your problem? If so, what?

I tried taking a few boot camp classes that were being provided by my gym, but I couldn't follow through because it wasn't flexible with my RN schedule (Registered Nurse).  As an RN we do shift work, and I found it was difficult to commit to the times that boot camp were scheduled. Flexibility was a huge issue.  I also tried exercising by downloading a fitness app that looked great in the advertisement, but I only stuck to it for a month due to lack of motivation and unrealistic expectation of body portrayal.   


3. What results have you see since attending Vagus fitness?

The biggest result I have seen is a major reduction in lower back pain after busy 12 hour days at work.  I gained a ton of strength that was especially noticeable when I was lifting patients at work. More importantly, I now know  proper use of body kinetics to do the heavy lifting that my job requires. The second thing I have noticed is my clothes are fitting better (bonus)!  I am also learning a lot about my body strength and muscles that I never knew existed.  After taking Jeff's nutrition class, I learned proper eating habits that suits MY lifestyle. And here I was, thinking I knew everything about the human body and eating healthy,  but it has been a great learning experience in that aspect. I now am able to incorporate some of this new found knowledge in my patient teaching when I am at work as well.  You know the saying "pay it forward," but I am "passing [knowledge] forward."


4. What was the best thing about it?

The best thing is gaining strength, more energy and no lower back pain.  And of course meeting


5. Are there any other benefits that you have enjoyed as a result of personal training?

The biggest thing for me is meeting other people who struggle with similar issues, and seeing their achievements. It's helped motivate me to do more for my body and for myself.  Seeing people and their accomplishment in their goals, makes me realize there are endless possibilities if one decides to make a choice to change and to be better.


6. What would you say to anyone considering making a purchase like this and would they recommend it? If so, why?

It may sound a cliche, but I really believethat it is a great life long investment that one can give him or herself.   Long term, it is WORTH EVERY SINGLE DIME that you can invest on yourself.  Instead of a Gucci bag, I am buying myself a personal trainer. The reason it is a good investment..... not only I have already seen benefits on myself like gaining more strength, having more energy and less back pain, but I work in a field (RN) where I see consequences of not living a healthy lifestyle or choosing not to live a healthy lifestyle, even after they go through major health risks everyday.  At the same time, I have also seen people who look 50 years old, but they are in their 80s! I think it is all about acceptance and making choices.  If one accepts there is an issue (like issue with an unhealthy lifestyle) and make a choice to change, the possibilities are endless.  Hence, this year I decided to make a choice to change and came to you guys. Part of my short term goal is to look the best and feel the best possible before my big 40th.  And long term, my goal is to continue to be healthy and strong and not have to rely on a wheelchair or surgery in the future.  This is a lifestyle modification one can control and can change for better! The hardest part is just getting started, but once you do, you will never look back!


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