How I Avoided Surgery

1. What were the problems you were experiencing before attending Vagus Fitness?

I have been coming to Vagus Fitness since October 2013. I was pretty much a gym virgin, but had tried other activities without really finding my niche. I was feeling out of shape with little energy and wanted to proactively avoid oncoming middle age spread, arthritis, osteoporosis and a multitude of other ailments that come from aging and sitting at a desk all day.

Most recently I was diagnosed with a torn peroneus brevis tendon in my ankle and was informed I would require necessary surgery. This of course sent me into a tailspin of fear regarding surgery itself, as well as the time required for healing and physio. I spent a month avoiding the gym altogether and ruminated instead about how getting older sucked. Once I was done with my pity party I went back to the gym while I waited for my MRI.

2. Had they previously tried anything to solve your problem? If so, what?

I was told by my surgeon during my initial diagnosis that I would have to stop working out for a few months and that I would be required to wear a brace until my surgery, so that I would not force a rupture if I were to accidentally twist my ankle. Not only did this add to my worry, but the idea of not being able to work out for my mental health was a bit of a setback as well. Let’s just say that I needed the gym now more than ever, I just didn’t know at the time it would end up being the best decision I would make for myself.

3. What results have you seen since attending Vagus Fitness?

I initially joined Vagus Fitness to lose weight and look better in a bathing suit, not unlike many people out there. I have since learned something far more valuable about myself in light of my injury. We tend to take our bodies and more importantly our health for granted. We focus on our external self sometimes to the detriment of our internal self. After many diets and cleanses and attempts at getting in shape, it only took one injury to open my eyes to what is really important – my health.

4. What was the best thing about it?

The best thing about my journey at Vagus is that I have not had to do it alone! My trainer Jeff has been amazing at helping me (both physically and mentally) to work around my injury. To say I was hesitant with just about every one of his requests would be an understatement. What results could I possibly see if I couldn’t use my right leg while working out? What if I made things worse with my ankle? Would Jeff get sick of my whining through my half assed workouts? But lo and behold I trusted his expertise and he guided me through 8 months of quality workouts. He provided me with a well-rounded program that focused on improving my balance and building muscle that would assist in an easier and faster recovery after surgery.  I also learned to listen to my body so that I can tell the difference between good pain and bad pain. Jeff has taught me to trust my instincts by putting my faith in him when he tells me “I know you can do it or I wouldn’t ask you to”. Hands down the best thing about working with Jeff and Vagus Fitness, is that when I returned to my surgeon 8 months, one CTscan and one MRI later, I learned that I no longer required the “Inevitable” surgery. My surgeon was surprised that I had managed to come as far as I had without surgical intervention and physio and was very pleased with the work I had done with Jeff. He advised me to continue working with Jeff to further improve my muscle and joint strength.

5. What are three other benefits that you have enjoyed as a result of personal training?

Personal Training Calgary Vagus Fitness

My three nuggets of knowledge about personal training, beyond those I have mentioned above are:

1. Balance - A compassionate, knowledgeable personal trainer can teach you to exercise safely with proper form and technique and should know just how far to push you (without puking) during training to reap the benefits, but also tell you when to back off. Sound advice for someone who is “all or nothing” like myself.

2. Support – Fitness doesn’t have to be a chore. Vagus fitness not only provides sound fitness knowledge, but it is a community of caring, patient, fun people! Know that on those days when you really don’t want to drag your ass out of bed and into the cold, the Vagus crew is right there with ya! They will welcome you with great tunes, many laughs and support for your crabby mood. Before you know it you are no longer angry at the weather gods and you have enough positive energy to tackle your day. Or at least you can crawl back into bed happily knowing you made it through another workout.

3. Results - I am starting to see results in my arms so I guess you could say things are starting to get pretty serious! Lol! I have learned to not take myself too seriously. I no longer weigh myself because the number doesn’t define who I am. Can I fit into my skinny jeans? Yeah for me! Knowing that two weeks ago my body couldn’t do what it did today? Woo Hoo! Jeff reminding me that I am not training for the bicep curl Olympics so I can relax and then telling me I earned my post workout Starbucks latte? Yes, my kind of support!

6. What would you say to anyone considering making a purchase like this and would you recommend it and if so, why?

Ok so it may not be cheap, fast or easy, but know that your body can do it and it is your mind you have to convince. Whether you are shy, overweight, scared, love pizza, hate to sweat, like beer or are pain intolerant, take that first step and go to Vagus to see for yourself what it is all about. This is not your normal gym.  Know that it is ok to whine, to not wear sparkly workout wear, to go home after and have a nap. Know that they are there for you and everyone in the same boat is silently cheering you on! Know that you can do it and that I will personally vouch for the friendly people, exceptional knowledge and warm environment!


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