1 Exercise To Improve Glute Strength & balance!

Robin has been a client of Vagus Fitness for just over a year. After taking a few months off training, she knew where to turn to get the results she is looking for - get stronger, feel fantastic, increase muscle tone and lose a little bit of fat. 

She has embraced the process, and has already seen some amazing results, including being able to do her first chin-up ever!

I asked her to demonstrate a single leg Romanian dead lift to demonstrate a single leg hip hinge movement to those who are interested in adding strength training to their lives!

So, first of all, what is a "hip hinge?" Scroll below the video to find out...


What is a hip hinge?

The ability to hinge ( the ability to change our hip angle by shifting your weight backward through your hips) is one of the most important movement patterns we teach at Vagus Fitness.

Hip hinge exercises focus on your posterior muscles (glutes, hamstrings and lower back).

The Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Is a single leg movement that helps improve performance of other exercises such as the deadlift, with the added benefit of increasing single-leg stability and strength in the hamstrings while sparing the spine. It is a great way to safely tone and strengthen your glutes, hamstrings and lower back.

Here is what this exercise will do for you:

  • Knee Issues. This exercise may help pull everything back into place and alleviate certain knee issues.
  • Balance. Not only are you performing this exercise on one leg, you are also strengthening your glutes, which help with balance while standing.
  • Ankle, knee, hip stability. The very nature of this exercise requires your ankle, knee and hip joints to work on stability.
  • Correcting muscle imbalances. One side of our body is generally stronger then the other side. This exercise helps with balancing your hip, glute, hamstring strength on both sides of the body.

Vagus Fitness favourite movement patterns

Strength training at Vagus Fitness is based on 7 movement patterns that the human body is capable of mastering. Within each movement pattern are a library of exercises that should be progressed through as strength and ability are improved.

These core exercise principles are what our company prides itself on. We teach the basics because they work, are tested and get our clients impressive results.

In our programs you learn these 7 movement patterns:

1.Hip Hinge/Bend (glutes, hamstrings, lower back)

2. Squats (quads, glutes)

3. Upper Body Push (chest, shoulders)

4. Upper Body Pull (back)

5. Single Leg Movements (hip hinge and squat)

6. Single Arm Movements (push and pull)

7.Anti-rotation/Lateral/Frontal Core Stability


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