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Last week I had the privilege to be a part of St. Francis High School’s All Girl’s Symposium.


I spread the message.


Be proud and don’t be afraid to be called the “C” word.




Essentially my message was delivered in my typical, easy going, I’m an open book way but I took the angle that fitness and movement are an integral step towards being called confident and having confidence.


When we are active and fit,

We walk differently.

We interact with people differently.

We move better.

We feel better.

We ultimately look better.


We are more confident.


When I am at Vagus Fitness either training a client or training myself, I look around and see the room filling with confidence.



I see the client that does their first pull- up.

I see client that does their first deadlift.

I see the client that can get up off the ground with less effort.

I see the confidence that they all exude!


I really wanted to spread this message to the high school girls at St. Francis. Being active and fit is your ticket to confidence.


If we can instill this concept into the young ladies of the world, imagine, oh my gosh just imagine how this can shape their future!!


So, call me the “C” word all you want.

I encourage it.

I embrace it.


More importantly, I wear that label with confidence!