Vagus Fitness' Top Nutrition Articles

Vagus Fitness has some pretty knowledgeable trainers. Below is a compilation of articles they have written on "nutrition," over the past year! From recipe's, to science behind weight loss, to practical tips on staying on track - check them out!

On Weight Loss

1.) Beware of Under-Eating!

2.) Mastering The "80/20" Approach To Nutrition

3.) Why Calories Matter

4.) Is the "Insert Diet Name Here" right for me?

Practical Tips For Staying On Top Of Your Nutrition

1.) Struggling With protein Goals?

2.) Top 5 Ways To Get More Protein

3.) 3 Steps For Staying On Track With Your Nutrition

4.) 12 Convenience Foods To Always Have In Your House (Kid Friendly).

Article's on Nutrients

1.) A Little About Omega 3's

2.) Why Vitamin C?

3.) Why Vitamin D?

4.) Q: Is Fat a Health Food? A: It Depends When You Were Born...


1.) Mexican Burrito Bowl

2.) Date Coconut pistachio Balls

3.) Spicy Chicken Quinoa Salad

4.) 4 amazing Homemade Salad Dressings

5.) Healthy & Delicious - Nut Bar Recipe

6.) Quick And Easy Chicken Curry With Pasta

Pre & Post Workout Nutrition

1.) Nutrition For Pre & Post Workouts

2.) What To Eat Pre And Post Workouts

3.) 4 Simple Nutrition Tips For Runners

Nutrition Over 50

1.) Should You Change Your Diet Over 50?

2.) How Much Protein Do I Need Over 50?

3.) 3 Healthy Recipe's To Kick Off Your Week


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