Strengthen Your Lower Back With This One Exercise

Have you ever injured your lower back?

Maybe you bent down to pick up a grocery bag and strained a muscle while doing so. Or took a swing of your golf club without warming up and threw out your lower back. The ways to injure yourself are endless.

Lower back problems are not uncommon, and unfortunately, when you do pull a muscle in your lower back, it can be debilitating for a few days or weeks. With a more serious back injury, like a slip disc, you can be in a bed for months, followed by months or even years of rehab.

Lower Back Injury Prevention

There are two main ways we can prevent lower back injuries:

1.) Improve lower back strength and mobility.

2.) Lift things properly.

If you work on improving strength and mobility in the lower back using specific exercises, #2, "lifting things properly," will be learnt a long the way!

One of the exercises we like to use to build lower back strength and improve mobility is the Kettle bell deadlift (demonstrated in video below).

The kettle bell dead lift is one variation of a deadlift, and may be used as a pre-requisite for a conventional deadlift.

I asked our client Susan to demonstrate a kettle bell deadlift for you to see. The key with this exercise is to push your hips backwards, hinging at the waist, and aim the kettle bells to touch the ground where your heels are.

If you were to touch the weight down where your toes are, you will notice a strain on your lower back, which is not what we are going for here. 

The dead lift can be very effective at strengthening your lower back, a long with hamstrings and glutes.

If you a history of lower back issues, I recommend consulting with trainer who knows what they are doing before attempting this exercise. Technique is #1...!

Try 3-4 sets of 6-10 repetitions for ultimate results.



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