Here I am 15 months later, down many sizes, and moving better then ever!

Leslie interviewed Lorraine (left) and Cathy (right) about their experience and the successes they have seen at Vagus Fitness. Above is the video, below is the written interview!   

Leslie (interviewer): so what brought you to Vagus Fitness?

Cathy (right): I came because I noticed I was starting to get weaker and I wanted to be stronger. I was about 50 pounds heavier (then now) and I had lost all hope. When I came to Vagus Fitness I said that I had lost all hope and that you guys were my last hope and if you couldn't help me I might as well die. So Adam (owner) said well this is the place where you'll find your hope again and here I am 15 months later, 50 pounds lighter.

Leslie (interviewer): That's awesome Cathy! So if you had to say one thing to someone watching this that was hesitant about coming here, what would be something that you would tell them?

Lorraine (left): Well it's probably the least intimidating gym I've ever been to. I've never felt uncomfortable, I've never felt unwelcome, I've never felt like people were thinking anything negative about me. It's very easy and it's a lot of fun. I really like the family feel and the community feel that we get when we come.

Cathy (right): Here we're not just another number, we're not just another sale. We are people that has a life and has things that we want to work on and all of the trainer's here are sensitive and compassionate, but at the same time they're firm and they push when we need to be pushed. It's a very welcoming safe place to be.

Leslie (interviewer): What's the one thing you can do now that you couldn't do before?

Lorraine (left): So many things! I think the most important thing is that feeling of confidence, knowing that you have a power that you never had before through your strength.

Cathy (right): I can do squats, and I couldn't do them the first day I was here so I'm excited about that! 

Leslie (interviewer): Perfect, thank you!

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