Trying Something New Can Open Up a New You

Written by leslie McKernon, co-owner & manager Vagus Fitness.  

When Connor (personal trainer at Vagus Fitness) put together a cross country ski day that was being tailored to all levels, I was intrigued. 

I would be categorized as a beginner, first timer, newbie, rookie, I can keep the descriptors coming.

What I am not, is too shy to try new things. However this does not come without hesitation, questions and insecurities.

Connor and his girlfriend, Libbi eliminated all of these feeling almost immediately with their support and help. There was no pressure to be great or even good. Just a genuine desire for you to have fun and learn something.

There was some good chuckles, giggles and the odd squeal, from me mostly, as we maneuvered our way around the Pocaterra track at Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

I left that day feeling exhilarated and exhausted. Proud and like a kid wanting to “go again, go again.”

But more importantly I left feeling honored. Honored to live in a country where we can enjoy this pastime in such a beautiful environment. Honored that Connor and Libby took the time out of their personal life to coach and guide us. Honored that our clients came out to have some fun together. And truly honored to try something outside my comfort zone.

I encourage everyone to go outside their comfort zone.

You never know what you will discover!

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