12 Convenience Foods To Always Have in your house

Written by Debbie Hoffort, mother of 2, wife of 1, and one awesome personal trainer! Want to train with Debbie?  Click here for $100 to start .

Written by Debbie Hoffort, mother of 2, wife of 1, and one awesome personal trainer! Want to train with Debbie? Click here for $100 to start.

Today I am going to talk about convenience food...  

What does that mean to you?  

Do you conjure up images of  frozen pizza,  TV dinners,  fast food, or a quick chocolate bar?  

Yes…those are definitely convenience foods but those are not going to fuel our bodies for strong workouts and lean muscle.  

For myself, I have a whole list of other items that I load into my cart weekly for my “convenience".

 As a busy working mom  trying to keep it all together in the kitchen I sometimes count on a little “prep,” help every once in a while.  

SobeyesSafeway and even Costco all have items that will give us that break we need when we are trying to pull these meals together before running out the door again.  

We all want to feed our families healthy nutritious meals but real life can definitely get in the way and these are some of the items I choose to buy on a regular basis.  

Sometimes convenience items might be a little  more costly  but sometimes in order for us to stay on track, it is just worth it.  

That way we don’t reach for a quick bag of chips or bar at the gas station.  

Now for anyone who purchases just organic produce the prices may vary substantially.  

For myself and my family, I can’t always rationalize that kind of money being spent for a portion of produce compared to another so I buy organic when possible but don’t stress over produce that doesn’t meet certain organic standards and the same goes for my protein sources


Here is a list of items that help myself and may help you for quick meals:


1.) Boiled eggs...purchase in the deli section - they come in a 2 pack or 12 pack) super easy to chop up on salads or just a quick snack

2.) Pre-cut veggies in a tray that are ready to go….these are quick to throw out on the counter after school with a greek yogurt dip that I buy. The kids gobble them up! 

3.) Shredded roasted chicken in a tray in the deli…Safeway does these up in the deli and I buy them to throw into crockpot soups or stews or make quick panini press wraps out of them.

4.) Salad in a bag….these are delicious but just be careful of the dressings.  I often only use a portion of it (if I use it) that they provide because that is plenty and helps with everyone watching their macros.

5.) Garlic peeled and ready….I know it sounds ridiculous but grabbing out a fresh garlic ready to go for a stir-fry or other dish just speeds things along quickly.

6.) Prepared rice….most weeks I make a large amount of rice in my rice cooker but for those days where you need some for a lunch or a certain dish, these are awesome… there is a small amount of oil added to the packages but not enough to worry, and like I said, it’s just a quick fix and it works.  I stir-fry it up with some quick veggies and meat for a quickie meal.

7.) Dry packaged soups…I purchase these at Amaranth Whole Foods and they are amazing. My favorite is the tortilla soup because all I add to it is chicken broth, salsa, and pre-cooked ground turkey and like magic, you have an amazing soup that people will rave about…Sprinkle with cheese and yummy!

8.) Pre-shredded cheese…A little cheese in certain dishes goes a long way, so I buy the pre-shredded Asiago (Sobeys has an amazing one) in petals and shredded…I also grab Tex-Mex from Kraft and the Italian mix.

9.) Fresh herbs minced and ready…Wal-mart has these in plastic containers in their produce aisle and can be super easy when throwing together dishes even for when you may not want to purchase a whole bunch of parsley or Cilantro.

10.) Slivered steak….pre-cut ready to go…throw this in a pan and add some broccoli and ginger sauce and meal is finished in record time.

11.) Almonds pre-roasted in a package…these are sold usually in the produce aisle and I keep them in the freezer for when I need some for a salad or toss a few into some stir-fried green beans with lemon.

12.) Frozen veggies…frozen vegetables can sometimes hold more vitamins in them than fresh produce, especially during certain seasons. There is always an assorted variety of frozen vegetables offered and easy to keep on hand.

Now these are just a few of my “go-to's,”  but when you are out shopping, keep an eye open for little things here and there that can help with last minute cooking at your house.  

Healthy eating may not always be planned ahead in today's world, but we can sure do our best to make good choices even in last minute situations!

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