3 Steps For Staying On Track With Your Nutrition

Written by Debbie Hoffort, mother of 2, wife of 1, and one awesome personal trainer! Want to train with Debbie?  Click here for $100 to start .

Written by Debbie Hoffort, mother of 2, wife of 1, and one awesome personal trainer! Want to train with Debbie? Click here for $100 to start.

Preparing healthy meals on a weekly basis can take time, money, and planning.

People tend to overcomplicate this by rationalizing that if they don’t have time to make these complex recipes or can only use certain ingredients, then forget it…. it’s just not worth it. 

Sometimes if we make things more complex than they need to be, it’s a perfect out for not eating healthy that week. Self-sabotage can be a vicious game.

The same goes for fitness. How many people book a workout early in the morning when they know they aren’t early risers by nature? It seems to make it okay because technically, “we tried.” I mean, we had good intentions right? And who really has the time in today’s world to make everything from scratch? I think the expectations we put on ourselves is extreme and ultimately results in possibly a drive-thru or another skipped workout. Let me guess: you’re gonna start next week? Sound familiar?


Step #1:

If you are or want to be a fitness-minded person, sticking to the 80-20 rule is key.

80% of our nutrition is healthy/nutritious and follows our plan, the other 20% falls into that grey area that could mean a so- called “cheat meal,” as some people have labeled it, or simply pure junk food snacks such as chips, candy, ice cream etc. 

We all have a weakness for certain foods, but if they are kept to that 20% ratio it usually won’t derail us. In my world, that is living. We seem to think we need so much variety in our meals when all we really need is a few go-to’s during our work week to keep it on track.

Steps #2 and #3:

Find 5 flexible recipe's that you can eat on a weekly basis. Schedule your meal prep for the same time each week (Sunday's are a great day for this)

Many people thrive best on routines, so make your meal prep the same...a routine. Keep it simple and find 5 flexible recipes that you can eat on a weekly basis and then use the weekends when you have more time to experiment and add new ones.

This keeps your meals easy, but also diverse and delicious. Here are a few things that I do to keep meal planning simple and less time consuming:

First one that I do every week is cook a whole fat of chicken breasts and cook 3 or 4 cups of rice. 

How you cook the chicken is up to you. I like to grill them on the bbq and season them with some Herbamare sea salt seasoning which you can find at health food stores and a lot of general grocery stores too.

On the first day, we may just have that chicken as a meal with stir-fried rice and maybe a tossed salad.

The next night I may take a few cooked chicken breasts from the fridge and stir fry them with some peppers, onions and seasoning for some quick fajitas. 

The following night I will fry up some ground turkey (at least 4 packs - remember we are cooking for a couple nights so make it count).

After it’s done I split it in half and start prepping for my lettuce wraps (which I can use the leftover rice in).

The other half goes in the fridge for the next night with which I will make a homemade spaghetti sauce for noodles and top it with Asiago cheese or a simple crockpot dish.

Okay, so we made it to Thursday. See? Not hard and not complicated but very tasty.

This is just an example, but I just wanted to share a “taste” of how things can be when you keep it simple.

I have also fried my turkey on the stove while grilling chicken so I have most of my protein ready for the week in one day. 

Do not make this difficult. Make it happen and make it happen weekly. If you are feeling adventurous, try a couple of the recipes listed below and add them to your weekly meals. 

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