Tight Hip Flexors? The Best Exercise To Stretch Hip Flexors

If you sit for the majority of the day for work, you likely have tight hip flexors.

There are a few stretches that can be done, as well as regular massage that can help alleviate any pain created as a result of tightness, but there are also exercises that can be done to alleviate tightness permanently, and reverse the effects that sitting all day can have.

If you are looking to improve hip mobility, as well as strengthening your quads (front of thigh), there is no better exercise then the "split squat."

I asked my client Leah to demonstrate the split squat. In the video below, her front foot is elevated on a platform, but if you don't have a platform available, the front foot can be on flat ground.


In order to get a stretch through the hips, your movement should be forward and backwards, as opposed to straight up and down.

If you have healthy knees, you should have no problem with this. If you have a history of knee issues, I recommend consulting a knowledgeable trainer on proper technique.

Try 3-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions/leg for ultimate results.


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