What Are The Best Exercises?

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The act of physical fitness is not complicated. It
was invented to combat the shift from our ancestors’ active lifestyles, to our current sedentary existence as a society.

Since we now rely on gyms and fitness classes to keep our bodies active and moving effectively, there has been a creation of a core foundation of exercises that been around for 100 years.

These core exercise principles are what our company prides itself on. We teach the basics because they work and are tested and extremely effective. Once you have mastered
the basics what you can achieve is limitless. In our programs you will learn:

  1. Hip Hinge/Bend
  2. Squats
  3. Upper Body Push/Pull
  4. Single Leg Movements
  5. Single Arm Movments
  6. Anti-rotation/Lateral/Frontal Core Stability

We teach these movements because they create effective movement patterns and are
calorie expensive.
Our programs we create help individuals accomplish goals such as:

  1.  Fat loss
  2. Strength and Toning
  3. Movement and Flexibility
  4. Hypertrophy (muscle gain)

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