What does a good squat look like?

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The Back Squat

The back squat is one of the most effective lower body exercises that we teach our clients. This functional movement is excellent for toning and sculpting the lower body while increasing overall movement and flexibility. 

Performing a safe and effective squat is highest on the list of things we educate our clients on. We realize that has different body types and abilities and uses the following variations to help create the best possible squat for you!


Bar set up:

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  • thumbs over bar, elbows back, chest up
  • can be quite an aggressive set up

Power Lifting

  • low bar position, mid scapula
  • again can be tough for most people to get into Modified(best for general pop) -thumbs over or under(comfort) -elbows in tight, squeeze lats, chest up
  • a lot easier for most people

Olympic Squat

  • high bar position
  • Modified Technique-beginners-advanced
  • bar on traps
  • squeeze/activate lats, maintain 1st rib angle
  • elbows under bar


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  • hips just above knee level
  • hips parallel to knees
  • hips below knee level(considered good depth)
  • Ass to grass(quite extreme, most people won't have the range of motion to achieve this with good form)
  • The use of a box (not a ‘box squat’) simply a guide for depth, you can establish consistent depth at a set level. Lightly touch box at bottom of squat. Don't sit on box.


The Stance:

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  •  Feet outside shoulder width
  • Toes open slightly, to match width
  • Depends on person and mobility – are they safe?
  • Find the best stance for the individual based on range of motion at bottom
  • No ‘golden rule’


The Rack:

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  • -Set up safety arms at required depth level. They should sit just below finish depth for a safe failed rep.
  • -When unracking bar, get under the bar, grip hard and drive it up first before stepping back. Take small wide steps to move back into position
  • -When racking the bar, push bar into rack first before letting it drop onto pins.

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