3 Exercise To Get Your Balance On Point

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You slightly misstep off the curb. The outside of your foot catches, and in slow motion you watch your ankle roll as your entire body weight pulls on your ATFL ligament.

If things go your way, you may be lucky enough to catch yourself and walk away feeling a bit spooked. If it’s not your day, you may end up with a bad sprain, a couple of weeks off from the gym and a grapefruit for an ankle.

Incorporating some balance and stability work into your fitness routine could play a big part in you walking or limping away from an incident like this. Especially if you ski, snowboard, wakeskate, cycle, or walk up and down stairs. Balance is an area of health that is typically neglected until its lack thereof puts you at a disadvantage.

Stability and balance work can be easily worked into your fitness routine. Performing movements on one foot or with one hand at a time will promote more core engagement and help with static balance. Below are a few different movements I use with clients to help promote dynamic balance and stability. 

Swiss Ball Balance

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Step 2

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Step 4

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Bosu Balance with Squats

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Single leg Bosu balance

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