11 Characteristics of Fit People

I took note of 11 characteristics I observed of many of the fit people I come into contact with on a daily basis.

From our trainers, to our clients, to my friends, the fit people in my life seem to embody many of the characteristics below, if not all of them.  

If you are striving to become healthier and live a more active lifestyle, incorporate a couple of these into your life and watch the magic happen!

1.) They DRINK lots of water.

2.) They DON’T eat healthy. They eat the food they need to fuel their bodies for the activities they do. Sometimes this includes things that “nutrition experts” deem unhealthy.

3.) They DO EAT LOTS of quality foods. Quality foods are the one’s that fill you up and have the nutrients your body needs to survive. Things like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, unprocessed meat, water etc.

4.) They STRENGTH TRAIN 2-3X/week. Strength training comes in many forms, but for the sake of this blog, strength training means resistance training that trains main moves (squats, hip/hinge, presses, pull’s, core).

5.) They do ‘CARDIO,’ 1-3X/week. This includes things like running, biking, swimming, playing squash, hiking etc.

6.) They seek COACHING. Whether they are world-class athletes, or are new to an activity, they seek the advice of professionals. This includes seeking out a dietician, a run coach, a personal trainer etc.

7.) They EMBRACE THE PROCESS. Staying fit and healthy is a process that takes time. Fit people learn to enjoy and embrace the journey just as much or more then the end point!

8.) They DON’T COMPARE themselves to others. This is an important one. Everyone is different, and getting caught up in comparing yourself to others is destructive and unnecessary. Fit people don’t compare themselves to others.

9.) They have 1 or 2 ACTIVE HOBBIES. Fit people have an activity outside the gym they love. Weather it’s cross country skiing, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, martial arts, dancing, or a thousand other activities in between.

10.) They don’t use the SCALE as an indicator of fitness. They understand that your weight is limited in telling the whole story, and as you put on muscle, and lose fat, you may actually gain a couple of pounds.

11.) They are HAPPY. Fit people are generally optimistic and happy people. They may not have always been like this, but being fit is likely a contributor to their happiness, and they know this!

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