How to Get Fit Over 50

Going to the gym can be scary if you go to a place filled with hormone filled 20 somethings, all spending more time on their phones than actually exercising.

As your body matures, the purpose behind exercise changes from getting ready to impress people in a swimsuit, to being able to stay healthy and perform all the activities you enjoy efficiently as you age.

That being said...getting older does not mean you can not work on getting fit! Self-confidence and body image are still major factors to human happiness.

Here are 3 ways that you can keep looking great at 50 and beyond...

1. Embrace Weight Training

When you hit 50, your muscles start to atrophy (shrink) at a faster rate compared to when you were 20. Weight training is the best way to combat weight gain and aging.

Weight training 2-3 times a week can help limit you from losing your muscle tone, preventing that "saggy," look. Maintaining or increasing your muscle tone will ensure you are metabolically active, helping your body to burn calories more efficiently and keep off the unwanted pounds. 

When starting an exercise program, it is important that you seek out professionals that can create an exercise program that will get you results and also prevent injury in a safe and comfortable environment (Vagus loves our over 50 crowd, and they love us!) 

2. Make Changes To Your Diet

Unfortunately, as you age, your metabolic rate does slow down and other health issues become more prevalent.

Watching what you eat is very important but more importantly, is understanding what you eat. Just like having an exercise program, it is important to have a nutrition plan. That plan should take into account your age and your goals and contain these elements:

  • Sustainable: It can be done for months, or years on end (depending on the goal). 
  • Flexible: It allows for you to still eat the food you normally consume without feeling guilty.
  • Individualized: Your plan is not a cookie-cutter page from a Google search. Your trainer and/or nutritionist has sat down and constructed it based on your goals, your current body composition, and current activity level.
  • Enjoyable: It does not often negatively affect your social life to the extent where food is no longer enjoyed, and you dread eating out with friends or family. 

If you need some more information on how to start, you can learn more on How To Create a Nutrition Plan here.

3. Get Your Stress In Check

The average 50-year-old has many more responsibilities than your younger peers. You're often in your prime income-generating years, which means extra responsibilities at work. You may also have kids who are going to college—a financial burden—or have aging parents who you're helping to care for.

This can cause emotional eating and irregular exercise. This is a two-edged sword because exercise is scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve sleeping habits.

A great way to implementing exercise into your schedule, is to block out 2 hours a week with a personal trainer and dedicate that time to yourself and your health! 

We are here to help!

At Vagus Fitness we specialize in creating custom strength training programs for people over 50 that can help you with:

  • Fat Loss
  • Strength & Toning
  • Movement & Flexibility
  • Rehabilitation of injuries 

OVER 50?

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