A day in the life of our little world

If you have ever graced the doors of Vagus Fitness you know that we are a unique personal training studio – but in this blog I am not referring to our programming, educated staff or structure – I am referencing our climate, our community our culture and our craziness.


The day starts off for me by 8:30 am and the morning, at least when I walk in, has already begin for Jeff and occasionally Connor and Mike – the music is on and some sessions are already underway.

Music ah the music - there is always a discussion about music choices in our studio. Jeff, the old soul, loves the 80’s. Kyle is too random to define. Adam likes classic rock. Alyssa and Natasha quietly put up with anything. Our new trainers Connor and Danielle have yet to be stereotyped into a category while Debbie and myself just want to party to good jams (we have yet to define exactly what that means).  Our clients have learned to speak up when the music is not up to par and we happily DJ for them – Mostly Kyle enthusiastically takes on that job.

Our morning Live Fit and personal training clients keep us on our toes mostly to keep them on task as they love coming to train but also love to socialize!  It’s a morning full of training, stories, training, recipe sharing finished off with more training!! All with laughs and giggles and Jeff just shaking his head.

Our evening sessions have a completely different vibe. Want energy, banter and sweat? Then the evenings have it all and then some! We are busiest between 5pm and 7pm and our clients enjoy the buzz of the studio and energy from the trainers!

After 7pm the lights at Vagus Fitness start to dim and the trainers are winding down their day – Alyssa and Connor have some late sessions to wrap up the day.

As for me I love it all! The morning chatter, the mid-afternoon peaceful time to mop, and the evenings where I pop in to train, do some random dancing but mostly to see and feel the energy of this little piece of the world that I am proud to be a part of.

I invite you to join this community of craziness and you will not only see the results that we can produce but you will FEEL the effect that we have on you and our clients. This is a team that is committed to the client but also committed to our own unique style of craziness.

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