Being the new guy

Walking into a new gym can be tough.


I’ve trained at and worked at a number of different types of gyms. Quaint studios, refitted warehouses, rec centers, basements and a number of spots in between. With each space there’s the first time you have to walk through the door. The uncertainty of how busy it’ll be, how your workout will fit with the equipment, or even what workout you’re going to do.


You can look at all the photos of the space online, read all the trainer profiles and watch all the testimonials you like before you enter a new gym. You can email or ring the studio up and ask the questions that you think are important to get a sense of how professional, educated and organized the business and its employees are.


Stepping into the space for the first time though is completely different. Especially when you’re headed in for an interview!


I joined the Vagus Team just a couple of months ago. It’s been awesome so far. It’s a bright, open concept studio that gets a ton of natural light through the day. Someone always has a good, upbeat playlist going with tracks from 80’s pop to alternative rock and everything in between. Whether I’m in at 6:30am with a couple of my early-rising clients or rounding out the end of the day with young professionals or parents, the studio always has an energetic, positive vibe.


Trainers aren’t competing for hours, and to help accommodate many of our clients’ busy schedules a number of them are co-trained by two of us fitness professionals. The long-term programming here is excellent, and the most comprehensive and continuous that I’ve been involved in as a trainer or an athlete.


It’s been great getting to know my clients, hear about their families and help them work towards their fitness goals. Even after only a couple months, a number of the people I work with have made huge strides in improving their strength or changing their body composition.


Parking can be a bit tough to find at times with how busy Royal Oak is and once in a while someone requests a country playlist (not really my taste). Other than that, Vagus has been an awesome fit for me so far. If you haven’t been in before, take that first step and get in touch.


Come check out the space and chat with one of our trainers. There won’t be a pushy sales pitch. Whether it’s personal training, Live Fit group training, or program prescription, we’ll help you get on track to reaching your weight management or performance goals. If you want to tone-up or just “feel fit”, we can help with that too.


If you haven’t been in for while, come back to the community! Pass our info on to a friend who would benefit from getting involved. 


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