Anything Is Possible - Long Term Fat Loss Success


Years ago, I played a part in a dramatic client transformation that opened my eyes to a fundamental mistake many people make when trying to change their body composition.

This particular client was a successful businessman in his late 20’s, had some basic knowledge of training and nutrition and trained extremely hard – he weight trained almost every day and began every day of the week with long bouts of cardio (usually in the form of a long jog). 

At the end of our initial consultation, I advised him to do several things that would forever change his outlook on training, and more importantly, change his body composition.

I told him that the program I would write would only see him weight training 3-4 days per week and only performing cardio a couple times per week – mostly in the form of intervals.

In other words, when it comes to training, more isn’t always better.

As a busy working professional, this program was appealing to him because he wouldn’t need to spend endless hours in the gym; instead, the focus was now going to be on the quality of his training sessions, not the quantity. 

We also made some changes to his diet and started focusing on quality food.

I gave him targets to hit for his protein, carbohydrate and fat intakes.

He was expecting an extreme form of dieting – cutting out ALL carbohydrates or avoiding ALL forms of fat.

To his surprise, he was still able to enjoy some of his tasty staples, such as pasta and mashed potatoes. 

He quickly learned that a successful “diet” comes down to several key points: 

1. Consume primarily quality calories

2. Roughly stick to macronutrient ratios (Protein : Carbohydrates : Fat) 

3. Make your intake sustainable and allow yourself a social life

At the end of the day, this client wasn’t training to become a cover model for Men’s Health magazine, he was simply trying to change his body composition, while still being able to have a life outside of the gym.

The end result of our work together was substantial.

He lost close to 40lbs in three months and his body fat percentage dropped from 36% down to 18%.

Most importantly though, was that he now he had now obtained a vast set of tools and knowledge, which then allowed him to continue on his journey and make further improvements to his body composition without my constant presence. 

I had provided him with enough guidance to go o on his own and still see progress, and for that I am most proud – my job was complete.

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