Love Yourself! Small Changes To Get You Fit: Pt 6

Written by Debbie Hoffort. As a mother of 2 wonderful children, a wife and personal trainer with Vagus Fitness, she "gets" her clients and the struggles they face. Click here to receive $100 FREE gift card to train with Debbie!

One Small Change...

Making healthy changes in your life can be a little overwhelming.

As a mother of two wonderful children, I totally get it!

But instead of viewing your health as an all-or-nothing makeover, try incorporating little adjustments that compounded over time will have a MASSIVE effect on your health.

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A client of mine... 

(who has lost a substantial amount of weight and has been working on strength and hypertrophy), once asked me if it was okay to look in the mirror and be critical about what she still needed to work on.  

Now…you must understand that this lady looks amazing.

Her transformation so far is absolutely stunning!

But she still sees that other person in the mirror - the one that is sixty pounds heavier and so unhappy.  

She is very satisfied with where she has come but she just can’t fully see it.  

When she asked me this question, I was poised to give her a motivational speech.

It seemed best to tell her to embrace the journey and to focus on the results she had seen.

But then, I paused for a moment.... 

Don’t we all look in the mirror and see some faults?  

That is human nature, and perhaps my client didn’t need her trainer telling her to just be happy with where she is at and let the rest go.  

In the end, I told her it was perfectly okay to take note of what she’d still like to change…but she also had to think of three things she loved about herself.  

None of us is perfect.

I am always working on new fitness and appearance goals.

I never look in the mirror and see “perfection” ...but as they say: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Sometimes we don’t need more beautiful parts...  

what we need are new eyes! 

Eyes that see a more balanced and accurate perception of our attributes and flaws. 

This week, challenge yourself to look in the mirror.

Focus on three things that you love about your appearance, and then determine one thing that you’d like to change.

Then ask at least two friends to tell you what they like about your appearance (and be sure to do the same for them).

You may be very surprised at the different perceptions they share!

Love Yourself...And Get $100!

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