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Written by Debbie Hoffort. As a mother of 2 wonderful children, a wife and personal trainer with Vagus Fitness, she "gets" her clients and the struggles they face. Click here to receive $100 FREE gift card to train with Debbie!

One Small Change...

Making healthy changes in your life can be a little overwhelming.

As a mother of two wonderful children, I totally get it!

But instead of viewing your health as an all-or-nothing makeover, try incorporating little adjustments that compounded over time will have a MASSIVE effect on your health.

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I know what you’re thinking…I’m here aren’t I?  

I am at the gym. But are you really here?  

Are you ready to:

·       Put some major effort into your workout?

·      Lift weights that are going to make a real difference?

·      Squeeze out those extra reps with a weight you have never used before?  

Many people come to a gym without a purpose in mind.

You’ll notice them randomly wandering from one piece of fitness equipment to another, not really knowing what to do.  

They might exert minimal to modest effort at times, and perhaps even visit with those around them!

They are dressed to work out, but they have come without a purpose.

Don’t just go through the motions!

Work out with a purpose.

If you follow a specific program or protocol, there is a purpose - an ultimate goal that you are heading towards (if it is well designed).

And you will progress towards that goal in a steady fashion, as long as you focus and do the workout properly.  

You must know when to move up to that next weight and when to add additional reps, sets, or tempo.  

If that sounds overwhelming, then hiring a personal trainer is a wise investment.  

That said, hiring a trainer to put together a generic workout is different than hiring one that will create a program tailored for you to gain maximum strength or muscle.  

Anyone can give you a workout to break a sweat...

but you’ll achieve better results if you work with a trainer on a personalized program that has a specific goal or purpose in mind.

This week, challenge yourself to create a concrete visible image that will help you to determine your purpose.  

Some people find it very helpful to create a vision board with images, or you might post a photo on your phone.

Perhaps you’ll want to collect some inspirational quotes that describe how you want to feel as a result of achieving a stronger body.

Do what works for you!

Then share your vision with your trainer.

Together, you can determine a realistic plan – with a clear purpose – for achieving your fitness goals!

Workout With a Purpose & Get The Results You Want..!

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