I Was Not A Gym Person!

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Isabelle is a Biological Science’s professor at the University of Calgary. Before she started training at Vagus, she was finding that she was feeling run down between lecturing, managing hundreds of students and dozens of TA’s, and doing her own research.

Chronic pain and discomfort in her knees had her feeling like something just wasn’t right. She came to Vagus with hopes of increasing her energy levels and feeling more confident doing things, like going up stairs.

Since beginning to train at Vagus, Isabelle’s mobility has drastically improved. She has no issues hurrying between a full day of meetings, lectures, and teaching. On top of that, she now has the energy to come in for a workout, do an hour of cardio at home or go for a nice long walk around her community with her husband.

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Activities that use to intimidate her are things she no longer worries about. Isabelle has lost over twenty pounds and just plain feels better

Isabelle describes herself as “not a gym person.” She finds that working with her trainer helps keep her accountable, and gives her the confidence to challenge her body.

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She likes the knowledge she’s been provided with and Vagus’s welcoming atmosphere. Regardless of how busy her schedule gets, she consistently comes in twice a week. She considers the sessions to be her “me time” and they help her manage stress. Training twice a week is how Isabelle takes care of herself.

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