the key to success is to schedule your workouts

Calgary Personal Training Vagus Fitness Royal Oak

When Kim walked into Vagus in early July she knew exactly what she was looking for.  She wanted to get back on track, she was bored with her past regime and she needed accountability.  She had been a member in the past to other gyms and also used BeachBody at home to try and reach her fitness goals.  She was looking for a gym,  “but not a normal gym”  as she recounted to me.  At Vagus the environment is different and within 2 weeks she felt everyone really cared about her.  That drove her to keep coming and keep progressing.  


Kim attended Vagus 2-3 times a week and not only continued to get stronger but also learned the proper form so that she could add resistance in a progressive manner that was safe and effective.


Kim is still on the journey to working towards her goals.  She has learned at Vagus that a workout or exercise might not be perfect the first time but with consistent effort it gets better every time and progression naturally happens.  She is definitely not a quitter and her strength continues to increase.  The big bonus is she loves being able to lift more than her husband!!  She is losing weight at a safe and steady rate after paying closer attention to her nutrition but is no longer concerned with a particular size and more about her health and how she is feeling.  Kim is a busy working mom and says the key to success is to schedule your workouts in like an appointment that you can’t miss.  Sunday nights are her scheduling time as she looks at the week ahead.  


Calgary Personal Training Vagus Fitness Royal Oak

Presently Kim is doing program prescription which is working great for her at this time.  She says she has learned more in 4 months at Vagus than all the years she was working out at other gyms and doing other programs.  With the program prescription she is able to carry out workouts at home but still meet regularly with her trainer.


We are forever grateful that Kim walked through our door and are so proud of the continued effort she is putting in as she embraces this journey of health and wellness for the rest of her life.  

Calgary Personal Training Vagus Fitness Royal Oak

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