Protein….I am not going to bore you with scientific facts on how important this macronutrient is to the building and repair of muscle.  

The fact is we must ingest it  to meet our strength and fitness goals...unfortunately most of us don’t eat enough of it.  

I know with coaching clients that this is a major struggle for most of them but  there are ways to sneak in little bits here and there to help raise those numbers up.  

Of course when starting out just make sure you are adding protein to every main meal which can be in the form of chicken, beef, fish, eggs, pork etc.  

That’s a simple way to start upping those numbers,  however sometimes it is still difficult for some people.  

What I am going to share with you is the idea of using protein powder in baking to help bring those numbers up.  

My kids often take a bite of my baking and say “It’s good but what’s the catch Mom?”.  They know that sometimes  I add or change things in a recipe so that the foods are more nutritional.  

They know how important it is to me to try and feed them healthy or (healthier) versions of the foods we love.    

Now come on we all need to have some yummy baking  every once in awhile so why not load it with some protein so our bodies can benefit.  

Whey protein comes in all different flavours and can help with doing just that.  My favorite by far is vanilla because it compliments many different recipes.  

Baked goods with protein can be a quick carry along for a rushed breakfast,  afternoon quick snack or even a little dessert to end off a great main meal.  

I would have to say quick breads and muffins have the best results with the added protein.  

I have experimented lots with cookies and brownies and they have turned out awesome too but just starting out I guarantee results with the quick breads.  

Most of your favorite recipes you can add 1-2 scoops of protein powder without changing anything else.  

2 scoops of my favorite protein powder is around 54 g of protein and if the average quick loaf gets cut into say 12 slices you are getting around 4-5 g of protein with each slice.  

That’s pretty awesome.  Since we are going to indulge in these kind of foods some of the time I think this is a nice way to up our protein on a daily basis.  I have added a few recipes that are regulars in my home and I think you will enjoy!



Preheat oven to 350 Degrees F.


Dry Ingredients:

  • ½ cup stevia (I like the Truvia brand or add white sugar or other sugar substitute)
  • ¼ cup coconut sugar
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 1 ½ tsp baking soda
  • ¾ cup brown rice flour
  • ¾ cup oat flour
  • 2 scoops of whey protein ( I like Diesel brand in the French Vanilla)
  • ¼ - ½ mini chocolate chips (optional of course)

Wet Ingredients:

  • 2 bananas mashed
  • 1 large egg
  • ½ cup egg white
  • ¼ cup coconut oil
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • ½ cup plain greek yogurt



Mix dry ingredients together in one bowl and in separate bowl mix wet ingredients.  Add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix well with a large spoon.  Fold in chocolate chips.  Pour batter into a greased standard size loaf pan and bake for approximately 45-50 mins.  Ovens may vary so check on loaf after 30 mins.  Loaf is finished baking when knife is inserted and comes out clean.



Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.


Dry Ingredients:

  • 1 cup of Stevia (I like Truvia brand or use sugar or any sugar substitute)
  • 2 tbsp of coconut sugar
  • ⅔ cup of oat flour
  • ⅔ cup of rice flour
  • ⅔ cup of dark cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • ¼-½ cup of mini chocolate chips or nuts (optional)
  • 2 scoops of chocolate or vanilla protein powder ( I like the Diesel brand)

Wet Ingredients:

  • ¼ cup of coconut oil
  • ⅓ cup Greek Yogurt
  • 1 tsp Vanilla
  • ½ cup of pumpkin puree (canned pumpkin not the pie filling)
  • 1 egg
  • ½ cup egg white
  • ¼ cup of buttermilk or almond milk unsweetened


Mix dry ingredients together in one bowl and in separate bowl mix the wet ingredients.  Add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix well with a large spoon.  If adding chocolate chips and nuts fold them in.  Pour into a greased standard size loaf pan.  Bake for approximately 45-50 mins or until knife inserted into center of loaf comes out clean.  




Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.


  • ¾ cup nonfat greek yogurt
  • ¼ cup skim milk or unsweetened almond milk
  • ½ cup dark cocoa powder
  • ½ cup old fashioned rolled oats
  • ½ cup Truvia Baking Blend (or use sugar or any other sugar substitute)
  • 2-4 tbsp of coconut sugar if you like a sweeter richer brownie
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • 2 scoops of your favorite chocolate whey protein ( I prefer Diesel brand)
  • ¼-½ cup of mini chocolate chips (optional)



  • Grease a square 8” x 8” baking dish.
  • Combine all ingredients in a food processor or a blender and blend until smooth.  
  • Pour all ingredients into dish and move dish back and forth in all directions to level.
  • Bake for 20 - 30 mins or until toothpick inserted comes out clean.
  • Remove brownies from oven and immediately sprinkle with chocolate chips.  Put brownies back in oven just long enough to melt the chips and then spread like icing on the top with a knife.
  • If you choose not to ice them then a sprinkling of icing sugar adds a nice finishing touch.  Enjoy!!


So there you have it, a few recipes that can help add some much needed protein into our everyday life.  The best part is the kids will even want to gobble these up and they are an easy add for school lunches which is just around the bend.   While these recipes are definitely a lot healthier than many others never mistake anything for being calorie free.  We still need to choose our portions wisely so they still fit into our macro profile. 

adam browne