Fitness Helped Me Keep Up With My Kids


Meet Renada


Renada is a young mom of 2 busy boys and trains 1x/week.


What makes Renada incredible is there was a time when she could not get up out of bed to take care of her kids.


Renada has Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Now she is able to deadlift, bench press, run again and keep up with her kids and life. Strength training has not only increased her mobility but it has also given her the confidence to try new things!


What I have learned from Renada is fear should not control us but motivate us. A safe, monitored and personalized program can be for everyone. Don’t let yourself believe that you can’t when the only thing you can’t do is forget about your goals.


Vagus Fitness is accessible to all people, levels and limitations. We turn limitations in to goals. Join us today and you won’t believe what you can accomplish!


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