Bullies and the Gym…

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The little girl standing on the street wanting to play with the kids but they don’t let her.

The young boy being told he is not good enough to join the friendly game of soccer.

The teenage girl scowled at because she is in no-name brand tights and not Lululemon’s.

The regular gym attendees stare and judge as the new member walks in wide-eyed and very unsure.




The word or descriptor of a bully is tossed around a lot and we have to be very careful about its overuse because there is a lot of ignorance in the world and this is what leads to bullying and it’s hurtful impact on a person’s disposition and mindset.

When someone’s words or actions change another’s behavior negatively they are bullying. If someone is trying to better themself by belittling another, that is bullying.

If someone is beating the tar out of another because of the color of their skin, well that is pure ignorance and bullying.

When someone changes their behavior out of fear THAT IS BULLYING. It causes anxiety, sleep disorders and avoidance of activities that they once loved.  It can also lead to a lot worse.


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I am a mom of a beautiful girl (twin) born with with Muscular Dystrophy and now an autoimmune disorder. I see the bullies. I hear the bullies. Her sisters see and hear them and it makes us all mad but mostly disappointed. Disappointed that people want to exclude before include.

This is why Vagus Fitness has become such a passion of mine.




The gym and access to health and wellness should not be dictated by that feeling of criticism, snickers, being excluded or intimidation. This experience should not be limited by anything (ok well the almighty dollar does play a role) but it should not be another human being.

You are doing something positive for yourself and this should be celebrated! When you enter a facility to learn and improve you should feel welcome and embraced for the journey that you are about to face.

Not everyone knows what a hip hinge is, the proper squat technique or the muscles in the back that a high cable row targets and that is ok! Wherever you work out your trainers, coaches and fellow gym-mates should teach, support and encourage your best.


This has been and always will be my biggest goal for Vagus Fitness.

Yes we have proven programming.

Yes we have educated trainers.

Yes we have the funky boutique space.

BUT. None of this means squat (sorry silly pun) if you the client does not feel supported by the staff. Encouraged by other clients. Not intimidated by looking silly or being made fun of.


This is a part of our mission at Vagus Fitness and this is a mission that I believe we are succeeding at!

Whether you show up in the latest Lulu’s or sweatpants – we are all here to accomplish the same goal. What you wear doesn’t make you lift stronger or work harder! You do that!

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 lbs to lose or you want to increase your 3 rep max.  We are all here to work!

We all have enough crap to deal with in life.  Let’s not have going to the gym to improve ourselves and help deal with that crap become a part of that pile!


Vagus Fitness Caglary Personal Training

Vagus Fitness is not the gym for everyone, BUT it is the RIGHT gym for those that come to us!


So, I thank you.

I thank you for not being that bully.

 I thank you for supporting each other.

I thank you for seeing that we care for all of our clients and their success.

I thank you for including and not excluding.

I thank you for supporting us.

I thank you for helping us to become the best personal training studio in Calgary.


My daughter will face this many more times in her life but with the right skill set, like we give you at Vagus Fitness, you both will face the world stronger, more confident and open to others that may not have found their way to us – yet.

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