10 Ways To Stay On Track During The Holidays

Yep, it’s getting to be that time of year again ...you know what I am talking about ???

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and let’s not forget the candy fest at Halloween!!!! What do all these days have in common??  

Well for starters it’s a chance to get together with our loved ones and celebrate with a yummy assortment of great food along with a potluck fit for a king. Pure gluttony in all it’s glory!!  It’s also a chance to overeat and throw our well thought out eating plan out the window.  

Some people argue that it’s only one day so live it up!!! Very true...however for some people it’s not one day...it’s the days before when they are baking and “taste testing” and then the days after where the yummy leftover desserts are just too good to throw out and let’s not forget the leftover stuffing… come on people who can resist that???

This can be where people gain that extra weight and blame it on the holidays.  I am all for indulging in festive eating with whatever you want but I also know I can get myself back on track after it’s over and regain my “normal” diet.  

However if your holiday eating gets out of hand then these tips may help you not stray so far off your calorie requirements:  

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1) Drink lots of water so that it helps to fill you up and you are not mistaking hunger for thirst.  From the time you get up in the morning get that water in.  Drinking a full glass right before the big meal will also help.

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2) Try to take a walk after the meal and even before if time allows.  A person feels so much better when they get moving and it can even help with digestion.

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3) WATCH THE ALCOHOL...major emphasis on empty calories that add up quickly.  One usually leads to some.

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4) Before filling your plate take a look at all the food offered and take stock on what there is….in other words decide what you really want and what you don’t care if you have and then fill your plate with the food that you truly enjoy without all the unwanted calories from food that doesn’t matter.

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5) If you are asked to bring something take a fresh salad with homemade vinaigrette or veggies cut up with some delicious dip.  

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6) Choose your plate size...not a platter but a regular plate to fill.  The bigger the plate the more room for sizable helpings.

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7) Don’t starve all day and then expect to control yourself at the meal,  this usually ends disastrously  with people overdoing all the calories because their bodies are starving to be fed.

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8) Skip the second helpings but have some dessert...you heard me right...eat the dessert because it’s probably enticing you.  So finish your meal with that yummy goodness and forget over stuffing yourself with the second plate of helpings.

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9) Get rid of the leftovers.  If you are hosting then package them up in to-go bags for guests.  Most people love to have a few to take with them and it clears you of the guilt of either eating them or throwing them out.

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10) One more thing,  if your stomach doesn’t overly react well to these type of days then a cup of peppermint tea will help calm a gassy and bloated tummy.

Message here is have your fun...just keep things in check and the 10 pound holiday gain doesn’t need to happen at all.  If it’s a few meals here and there you are not going to derail yourself that terribly.  Families love to gather over a meal and we  should all be able to partake.  Keep these tips in mind at your next gathering. Happy Holidays everyone!

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