What Is The Best Time To Workout?

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Many times while training clients they ask me when the best time of the day is to workout.  They have read articles on fasted early morning workouts and carbed up weight training evening sessions for more strength etc. and frankly it just confuses them.

First, let’s discuss some general advantages to each:


  • Less chance of interference from work and family.
  • Energy boost for the work day ahead and metabolism boost.
  • The completed workout helps us not to worry or obsess about trying to fit it in later.
  • Mood enhancing for the day.


  • Beat off some workday stress by hitting the weights hard.
  • Don’t have to rush off to work or other early day commitments.
  • Consuming  some “healthy” meals from earlier in the day helps to fuel your workout.
  • Not a stressful morning trying to get to the gym and get ready for work etc.

As you can see there are definitely some benefits to each time of the day.  

Also...certain training times may be given to athletes who have specific goals for sports and maximum performance etc. but  for the average person who just wants to get stronger and leaner it is just important to train when you can.  It’s simple really,  train when your schedule allows you to be consistent so that exercise is a regular part of the week.  

Another consideration is that I know people who would benefit from early morning training with their schedule but they just don’t have the stamina at that time of the day to get up and go workout.  

They can however lift some mean weights after the workday  and have an amazing workout... so it may also depend upon how your body responds at different times of the day.  

As a parent mornings can sometimes be hectic with trying to get  the kids off to school, the dogs fed, important emails  taken care of etc. so the “crack of dawn” workouts can sometimes work the best but if not it may have to happen at  alternative times in the day.  

What works for one may not work for the other but if we make it a priority it will happen.  Let’s not complicate things by the worry of when is the best time, we all have different schedules so if we look at the forthcoming week on Sunday and schedule in those workouts it makes a big difference on how compliant we will be.  

At Vagus fitness we try and offer times and appointments with LiveFit groups and Personal Training that works for everyone so that there are always options.  In the word of Nike “JUST DO IT”.   

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