Get Your Lip Ready, Lift Heavy. Movember is here

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Pump up your Mo this Month at Vagus 

Is November a month of embarrassment for you? Is your moustache still similar to your grade eleven year book photo? 

Movember is a great opportunity to raise awareness for men’s cancers, mental health and the other issues that men. Are you hesitant to join the cause because of a lack of lip lettuce? Fear not. There’s a possibility to short circuit your endocrine system and up your testosterone.  Try to follow along. 


Testosterone = Facial Hair.

More Testosterone = More Facial Hair

Lifting Heavy* Weight 2-3+ Times a Week = More Testosterone


Three Exercises to Boost your hormonal response to exercise:

  • Deadlift
  • Squat              
  •  Pull Up  

Back to the science. 


Lifting Heavy Weights = More Facial Hair** 

I’m not a doctor, but this is what my face looks like right now. 

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And I lift like “kind of heavy weights.” 


And now take a look at Jeff, who lifts like “Heavy-a$$ weights.” 

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All this mo and more could be yours. Come see us at vagus and get started on the ‘stache' you always wanted today.

*Technique first. Should be gross, multi-joint movements. Make sure your core is strong enough and your technique is safe before going heavy. If you need a brush up on your lifts or a heavy lifting program come in for a personal training session. 

**Women lifting heavy weights won’t experience increased facial hair growth – only ‘toning’. 

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