Ladies! Don’t Be Intimidated by Heavy Weights.

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When you walk into most commercial gyms, you tend to see a similar trend.

The free weight section is usually packed with men lifting heavy weights while most of the women watch them from afar on the cardio machines.

The reason being that women tend to have the impression that if they want to get into shape that means that they have to do hours and hours of cardiovascular exercise. This is not true.

Women need to strength train just as much as men do and here are a few reasons why.

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Muscle Mass and Body Composition

If you ask most women who are exercising what their goals are, they will most likely say that they want to lose weight or get ‘toned.’

But by doing endless sessions of cardio they are actually not getting any closer to their goal.

By adding weight training to their workout routine, they will preserve and even increase their muscle mass while burning excess fat tissue.

This will result in a better body composition and reveal the muscle tone that most women are striving for. 


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Increased Metabolism

By adding more muscle mass to your frame, you are going to raise your resting metabolic rate.

This means that at rest, your body is going to require more calories to maintain the muscle.

By only doing cardiovascular exercise, and at an excessive amount, you will lose your hard earned muscle and your metabolism will decrease at rest.

This will require you to either eat less or do even more cardio to maintain your body weight until at a certain point it becomes and unsustainable lifestyle. 

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Feeling Stronger

Not only will you start to visually see the benefits of weight training, but also you will start to feel stronger and healthier.

Most women unfortunately get caught up in the aesthetic benefits of strength training and forget about how great they can feel from it.

It can be empowering to lift weights by doing something that isn’t something that women traditionally do.

Women shouldn’t be afraid to go into the free weight section of the gym. Instead embrace it and realize that you have every right to be there as any of the guys. 

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“But I Don’t Want To Get Bulky!”

I promise you that unless you are taking steroids, you as a woman will not get insanely muscular or ‘manly.’ Women have too low of the hormone testosterone to get the muscle mass equivalent of a guy.

Adding a weight to your barbell or picking up weights from the heavier end of the dumbbell rack will not make you look like a man.

If you are looking to finally get that ‘toned’ body that you’ve been working for, start lifting heavier things. 

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