How to do your 1st pull-up!

Recently we asked our female clientele what would make them feel like a badass in the gym? Almost all responded without hesitation...

A pull-up!!

Ah the infamous pull up.

The shear thought of it can send shivers of envy down the arms and back of those that it alludes, and feelings of nausea to those that have attempted and so miserably failed.


How is it possible that we can sit at a machine and do more than a body weight lat pull-down and yet cannot seem to pull our butts up into a pull-up?

Well, let me answer that!

First, we are approaching it the wrong way.

Your grip can make all the difference in your success.

Generally, we like to start with a neutral grip (palms facing) pull up before we progress to a wider grip or chin up. 

This provides the most secure and safest grip for our shoulder joints and relies on more bicep muscles as opposed to pure back engagement.


Second, we need to STOP doing assisted pull ups with bands and machines.

These are falsely making us think we are strengthening the right muscle groups that will eventually lead to that one elusive pull up!

We need to train the right muscles the right way!

Eccentric pull–ups are the most effective way to train the proper muscle groups to do the right movement.

Eccentric pull-ups focus on the controlled movement down, NOT up.

This puts all the right muscles under tension that are required to pull you up. If you are not ready to hold your body in a controlled manner, then a low angle TRX row is the first hurdle.


Third, if you want to get better at an exercise, you need to do it more!

Not every once and a while, but a few times a week.

Add it on to any workout as the more you train the better it becomes.

Now, let me warn you…doing eccentric pull ups is not easy.

Start with 3-5 reps and only 3-4 sets.

As soon as you can’t control the movement down, your sets are done, as we don’t want to injure any joints.

Oh, and you will be sore for a few days after the first time you do these…no getting around it!


Follow these training principles and the day will come that you walk up to that pull up bar and say“today I am a badass.” And you will be!


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