6 Small Changes To Get You Fit - Part 3

Written by Debbie Hoffort. As a mother of 2 wonderful children, a wife and personal trainer with Vagus Fitness, she "gets" her clients and the struggles they face. Click here to receive $100 FREE gift card to train with Debbie!

One Small Change...

Making healthy changes in your life can be a little overwhelming.

As a mother of two wonderful children, I totally get it!

But instead of viewing your health as an all-or-nothing makeover, try incorporating little adjustments that compounded over time will have a MASSIVE effect on your health.

Each day for the next week, I will be writing a blog with 1 easy change you can make IMMEDIATELY, so check back often (or join our Facebook page here)! Read part 3 below... 

Change #3 -  PREP YOUR FOOD! 

Let’s face it….most of us don’t have the time to whip together fresh, nutritious meals every day of the week.  

We all want to eat healthy and feed our families great-tasting meals, but we just don’t have the time.  

Devoting an hour or two to “food prep” on the weekend can help you to stay on track through the busy work week.  

A food prep session can involve the bulk cooking of meat, washing and cutting veggies so they are ready to eat, baking a large batch of nutritious muffins that everyone can grab, boiling a dozen eggs, or simply planning out your grocery list.  

One prep that helps me immensely is having protein sources pre-cooked in the fridge.

It makes it easy to throw together a stew, soup, fajitas, casseroles or a stir fry at the last minute. 

Instead of cooking four chicken breasts, cook twelve so you’ve got something to work with for the week.  

It takes no additional prep time, and they can be easily added to different dishes with a simple warming on the stove.  

Of course some foods do taste better freshly cooked.

Plan menus accordingly and save those dishes for the weekend if weeknights are too hectic.

I also always have a tray of veggies in the fridge ready to eat.

When it is empty I simply refill it.  

Pull the tray out while prepping dinner (and stomachs are starting to growl), and you’ll be amazed at how many extra veggies you and your family will eat.  

In addition, keep frozen veggies on hand for last-minute meals.

One more thing: the crockpot is our friend!

Many healthy recipes can be prepped in the morning and left to simmer all day while you are at work.

Coming home to the delicious aroma of a cooked meal is the best feeling ever! 

Vagus trainers can assist you with your fitness and endurance goals, but it’s up to you to ensure that you eat nutritious meals.  

This week, make an effort to prep some healthy food ahead of time so that mealtimes are stress-free and you feel control over the nutrients you are putting in your body. 



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