6 Small Changes To Get You Fit - Part 2

Written by Debbie Hoffort. As a mother of 2 wonderful children, a wife and personal trainer with Vagus Fitness, she "gets" her clients and the struggles they face. Click here to receive $100 FREE gift card to train with Debbie!

One Small Change...

Making healthy changes in your life can be a little overwhelming.

As a mother of two wonderful children, I totally get it!

But instead of viewing your health as an all-or-nothing makeover, try incorporating little adjustments that compounded over time will have a MASSIVE effect on your health.

Each day for the next week, I will be writing a blog with 1 easy change you can make IMMEDIATELY, so check back often (or join our Facebook page here)! 

Click here to see Change #1 - Drink More Water!

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Change # 2 - More PROTEIN!  

This highly important macronutrient helps promote muscle repair and growth.  

Of course it does many other things, but we will focus on that function in this discussion.  

As we power through our workouts, we are creating micro tears in our muscles which must be repaired.  

We need to feed our bodies a high protein snack or meal right after a workout, as this is when our muscles are most sensitive to use those nutrients for growth and repair.  

People often ask me: what is the best type of protein to eat?  

I recommend a whey protein powder right after a workout.

This is the type of protein found in many high-quality protein shakes.

But if you are dairy- or lactose- sensitive, this just isn’t an option.

Instead of whey, you can substitute eggs, Greek yogurt, chicken, tuna, or any type of lean meat.  

How much protein should you be eating?  

That completely depends upon your body type, goals, and activity.  

At Vagus Fitness, we start our clients on a nutrient ratio food plan based on those three elements. Click here to see exactly how we prescribe nutrition!

But this merely provides a starting point.

We then track a client’s bodily response to the nutritional plan, and further adjustments are made as necessary.  

I often find that many clients are not eating enough protein to meet their goals.  

This week, challenge yourself to track your protein intake for 3 days to see how much you are really eating.  

I like to use the app “My Fitness Pal” for this purpose. 

It’s an easy-to-use tool for tracking and accountability.  

Tell me how you do in the comments or email me at deb@vagusfitness.com!