I Was Looking To Increase My Core Strength!

Meet Virginia (not the song...). Virginia personal trains with Leslie 2X/week and has been with us since June of 2015. Her sparkling personality and indelible wit has made working with Virginia a lot of fun. Seeing her make such awesome progress hasn't been too bad either! Read below for more on her story.

Q: Virginia, what were you nervous about when you first started training with Leslie?

A: Oh, I wasn't nervous - just excited!

Q: What were your main goals when you started?

A: I was really looking to increase my core strength and help rehabilitate my diastasis (read about diastases here) that I experienced from the birth of my children.

Q: And, have you accomplished that goal?

A: Oh big time! My abdominals have almost closed completely.

Q: What has your biggest accomplishment been in the last 30 days?

A: I am squatting 100 lbs!

Q: Are there any activities you can do now that you couldn't before personal training with Leslie?

A: I can lift way heavier weights than I ever thought was possible! My running has also improved huge - no knee pain, and much faster up hills!

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