I've lost 12 lbs since starting

Meet Mike. Mike personal trains with Natasha 2-3X/week. He started with us in February, and has made some awesome progress! Read more below...

Mike personal training

Q: Mike, how long have you trained with Natasha at Vagus Fitness?

A: I started training with Natasha in February of 2015.

Q: What Were your goals when you first started?

A: I was looking to establish a consistent exercise schedule. I also wanted to gain some mobility, strength, and of course lose a little bit of weight!

Q: What are your biggest successes so far?

A: Oh, there's definitely a few! I've lost 12 lbs since starting and have made exercise a regular part of my life. Without failure, i'm active 3-4 times/week. Natasha's also been working on my flexibility, and it's coming along.

Q: What has your experience been like at Vagus Fitness?

A: It's been awesome! Everyone is friendly, and takes the time to get to know you. The community aspect is amazing.

Q: Would you RECOMMEND Vagus fitness to others?

A: Of course! 

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